@JPEG i would really hoped to save the efforts for an GNU/Linux app first.

@JPEG congratulations!🍾🎊🎉🎈

I will be purchasing it today! And then replacing it with the beta version afterward...

@jrollans That’s very supportive and kind of you. Thank you!

@JPEG :( I bought it and tried with my Pleroma instance and it picks up posts. But, when I try to post anything to my Pleroma instance, the app tells me that the post was successful -- but, nothing actually is posted. Other Mastodon apps work find with Pleroma :( Any help? The app looks fantastic.

@mookie Thanks for reporting back on this. I’ll create a Plemora instance tomorrow or day after and try resolve this for the update. Apologies about the current inconvenience caused but hoping to rectify it soon. :)

@JPEG Thanks much! I am looking forward to using this app, it really is nice! Thanks again.

@JPEG congratulations! You’ve been one of the most engaged app devs out there. Super impressed with your responsiveness and ability to listen.

@nicktmro Thank you! That genuinely means a lot, and is encouraging. :)

@JPEG now you’ll have to get it added to mastodons website for the list of apps 😊

I’m carving pumpkins with my family now, but I’ll add it to my site like I stated later today!

@Admin I’ll get into that tomorrow! (Got to figure out how to go about doing that).

And enjoy! One of the best times of the year. :)

@Admin That’s actually great. Thank you! I’m honoured to be listed there. :)

@JPEG I just purchased my copy of your beautiful app! Thanks so much for adding the “now playing”

@fuzavue Thank you for the purchase! I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

@JPEG I had to uninstall the TestFlight version for the App Store to allow me to buy it. Great work!

@jamie Thanks! Yes they use the exact same build version so both couldn’t stay on the device at the same time.

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