Added one of the most requested features: a back button.

@JPEG interesting that you prefer to move away form the iOS HIG and maintain the List button even on the Toot detail screen. I wonder how much engagement you got on that list switcher button outside the main screen.

@nicktmro I preferred to do it that was as I personally like viewing lists from anywhere, and being accessible is a useful thing I'd say.

@JPEG I see. May I recommend a quick survey to see how many lists people have? You mention wanting to make Mast a de facto, go to, Mastodon client, but optimising for it’s author may prevent from achieving this vision.

Otherwise, yes, I agree with you: having that easily available is nice. My preferred bird site app is Tweetbot and I had my lists readily available by long pressing a tab bar item. You already have a gesture handler for that tho, but I prefer their approach.

@JPEG that’s officially my longest Toot. Too bad there’s no badge for toots that use all the characters ;)

@nicktmro Haha maybe I should put a badge-based reward system in my app. :)

@nicktmro Tweetbot is what inspired me to have persistent always-available lists too. I may do a survey later but I do feel that not enough people use lists currently, but this may encourage more people to.

@JPEG interesting angle. I picked the lists button as the biggest “offender” of what one may expect in the app’s UX, but if that’s your intent then you’re probably right. Some middle ground that could still achieve that goal could be having that list button move to the right bar button item and nudge the search button a little closer to the centre (not title view). Then the back button could be system provided.

@nicktmro That could indeed work, I'd considered that, but that could maybe result in some mis-taps too with the search and lists buttons being too close together. I set quite large tappable areas for the buttons too.

@JPEG @nicktmro
Actually, in TweetBot, lists are also available with a long press on the timeline title. You can then setup your list button to something else in the bottom bar.

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