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Making a conscious effort to try see positives and be kinder in every moment this year. Here's to a better life that starts internally.

(Stereotyping based on my past experiences, but it's always those without a display pic of themselves who are the loudest keyboard warriors)

Lol the daily abuse Mast gets is getting to me. I'll still be pushing out constant updates to improve it where I can, but some people on this network aren't making it the joy that it once was.

Henry Cavill is most definitely the perfect choice to have played Geralt of Rivia. He's easy on the eyes, has the same look and physique, and is himself a huge fan of the games.

If there's extensive lore and care poured into world building and creating an entire fantasy universe with expertly crafted characters and arcs, I'm all for it. GoT had potential but went downhill at the end. Lord of the Rings remains my favourite. But this is very close!

Binged The Witcher in a day earlier in the week. Toss a coin to Netflix because I don't think anything will ever top that show for me for a very long time.

It's really hard to be someone people love or enjoy spending time with when you're suffering from depression and anxiety. Even harder when these issues aren't seen as 'real' and often tried to be distilled as being the cause of something else which they're trying to solve. There's no real way out, and it sucks.

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How do you fight depression and the constant anxiety of being a burden on those around you, and dealing with people getting angry at you for being down? I always feel like I'm the result of everyone around me being upset, and often am the cause for it. It's a very difficult feeling where there's usually no real way out. I tend to try divert my feelings into doing something creative with my time. Craving sleep and wishing the days away also seems to be all I do.

My next big things to focus on for Mast are accessibility enhancements, streaming support, and filters.

If you enjoy my work or like my app Mast, please consider upvoting Mast on ProductHunt and help get the word out there 🤗

Does anyone know if there's a Mastodon API to get the instance character count?

The Mastodon Twitter account is really unprofessional, and seems like a major reason as to why most of the users there aren't taking this platform seriously.

I'd also argue that another big reason I've seen users hesitant to transfer over or even try this out is due to the overwhelming whimsy scattered through everywhere. We really don't need to reinforce the word 'toot' everywhere.

Also, the decentralised benefits keep being talked about but no normal user really cares about that. Mention editing posts!

Every day, Mast gets slightly better. It's definitely a lot of work, but it's on the path towards becoming the go-to iOS Mastodon app. If there are any missing things that you believe will help it get there, please let me know!

So I’ve got upwards (and downwards depending on position) timeline gap loading working for Mast now! It won’t be in the next update just yet though, as I still want to spend a few days making this a bit better.

*Finally* fixed the emoticon bug in Mast that’s been bothering me for weeks where custom emoticons wouldn’t always load. It won’t be in the next update, but in the update after.

The trends view in Mast is great for discovering what people are talking about. It looks pretty good too if I may say so myself.

Working on adding trending tags historic metric data for a future Mast update.

A new Mast update is now available on the App Store. It brings three great new things, amongst many others:

- Notifications position syncing and gap filling
- Trends and tags to explore
- Profile directories to find and discover new users

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