The news today: All gone nuts. So now for the weather:

Time for another at @fdroidorg – today we've got 43 updates and 3 new apps:

* Gurgle: no, not what you think. It's a word game 😄
* moreDays: a motivation app with journaling
* Tehro: Tehran Metro Guide

Enjoy your at :awesome:

Next 🌦️ at @fdroidorg with 60 updates and 4 new apps:

* CalEF (Calendar Entry Formatter): send/share calendar entries as human readable text
* Dialog Music Player: simple music player you can send your music files to ("open with" e.g. from file explorer)
* Recover VOIP settings from H300s: from a Vodafon Greece router
* Screen Time: show your screen-time as permanent notification

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A little at @fdroidorg again, today with 10 updates and 2 new apps:

* Forkgram: a Telegram client
* Based Cooking: a cooking recipe app

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Today's weather 🌦️ report: at @fdroidorg again, with 47 updates and 2 new apps:

* Calculator: a "soft UI" calculator
* brainjogging: an app to train your brain

No idea what those are? You can check and try them out at no cost (not even personal data are collected 😉)

Enjoy your with :awesome:

Weather today: Heavy ☀️ 🌧️ at @fdroidorg 31 updates & 2 new apps, in my repo 9 updates and 5 new apps:

* Ehrenamtskarte Bayern: volunteer benefits & where to get them
* Party UP: Share files to a webserver
+ RustDesk: remote control your PC
+ Screen Time: show your screen-on-time
+ DT78: app for DT78, DT92, DT66 Smartwatches
+ SongTube: d/l from YT
+ Thanox: system management tool (successor of X-APM)

Enjoy your & with :awesome:

And now the weather. Another just reached @fdroidorg today, bringing 43 updates and 5 new apps:

* Blue Square Speedometer: speed, altitude and current coordinates via your device's location provider
* Really Basic Vocab: flash cards
* SD Contacts: store your contact data locally on SD card
* Vibe: vibrate when your call is answered
* XMedium: browser for Medium

Forecast: More to come. Soon. Enjoy your with :awesome: – and your weather reports with IzzyOnDroid 👼

at @fdroidorg again, today with 64 updates and 1 new app:

* xvii messenger for vk: a messenger for the Russian VKontakte network

Enjoy your with :awesome:

🌧️ at @fdroidorg again, today with 42 updates and 7 new apps:

* ANOTHERpass: a password manager
* Nunti: a smart RSS reader
* OpenSound: easily open (and play) sound files from any app
* OpenSyncedLists: create & sort lists easily
* Show Youtube Dislikes: Bring back Youtube Dislikes
* ToberQuizz: image quiz (a.t.m. Spanish only)
* Wassword: create complex passwords

Enjoy your (3710+) from :awesome:

Another 🌦️ at @fdroidorg today, with 55 updates and 2 new apps:

* Bible Notify: offline daily Bible verse notification
* Blink Comparison: comparing photos of tamper-evident seals

Enjoy your from :awesome:

at @fdroidorg again, today with 45 updates and 6 new apps:

* bikethefts_berlin: bike theft stats for Berlin (know where to park your bike)
* Dicio: voice assistant (EN/IT)
* Flash Deck: learn with cards
* iTracing2: for iSee/iTag & AirTag users
* jtx Board: journals, tasks & notes, can sync all via CalDAV
* Scrunch: play a sound when you fold your Galaxy Z Fold

Enjoy your with :awesome:

A little at @fdroidorg again, today with 58 updates and 1 new app:

* Stoic Reading: texts from Stoics (Seneca, Marc Aurel etc)

Enjoy your from :awesome:

A fresh at @fdroidorg again, with 55 updates and 2 new apps:

* Dark theme: activate night theme on devices that don't provide this option in the system settings
* DartsTrainer: for those playing dart

Enjoy your with :awesome:

🌦️ arrived at @fdroidorg again, this time with 59 updates and 3 new apps:

* ADBio: nix "Ade, Bio" (and no Bio for AD either). ADB i/o. Toggle USB Debugging on/of with a single tap on the widget. Needs root to achieve that.
* Open Pros & Cons: decision helper
* Toadua: collaborative Toaq dictionary

Enjoy your from :awesome:

Next at @fdroidorg with 26 updates and 2 new apps today:

* GraphHopper Maps: OSM Maps and Navigation App using the GraphHopper Routing API
* hwloc lstopo: Display the topology of your hardware using the hwloc library and lstopo tool

Enjoy your with :awesome:

at @fdroidorg again, today with 35 updates and 5 new apps:

* Ad-silence: silence ads in Accuradio, Spotify & Tidal
* Flowit: Game to fill boxes with the right color
* Pekka Kana 2: jump'n'run game
* Termux:GUI: plugin for Termux to use the Android GUI from terminal apps
* Yokatta: Flashcards based language learning app

Enjoy your with :awesome:

at @fdroidorg with 35 updates and 5 new apps today:

* Average data usage widget: that, yes 📊
* Offline Cook Book: minimalistic 👨‍🍳 recipes
* Tableau de bord Rolling: dashboard for Rolling game
* Wasted: Wipe data on panic trigger :thinkerguns:
* wger Workout Manager: fitness, food & weight 🏋️

Enjoy your with – and read on as this was only 1/2 :awesome:

at @fdroidorg again, with 39 updates and 3 new apps:

* Wire Messenger – guess what 😃
* NextPush: distributor for @unifiedpush via your Nextcloud :awesome:
* Simpill: medication reminder

Enjoy your (3682) with :awesome:

Today's at @fdroidorg has 46 updates and 1 new app:

* Gcam Services Provider: get GCam running without Play Services

Enjoy your with :awesome:

Another at @fdroidorg today saw 40 updates and 3 new apps:

* DEfO ECH Apps: experimental fork of F-Droid to use TLS ECH with Cloudflare 😱 as the default host 👀
* Mightier Amp: control NUX Mighty amps series
* Nedium: Read Medium articles freely without limits

Enjoy your with :awesome:

Yesterdays at @fdroidorg (@brainstorm seems still dead) with 72 updates and 5 new apps:

* e-Passport Reader: use the NFC chip to communicate with an electronic passport
* FHCode: code editor
* GPS Cockpit: Show your GPS data in a cockpit view
* MergedWiFiNLP: a backend for UnifiedNlp
* Warpclock: quick shortcut for setting an alarm 8 hours from the current time

Enjoy your with :awesome:

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