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at @fdroidorg again – today with 18 updates and 2 new apps:

* FediPhoto-Lineage: quickly snap a photo and directly have it posted to Fedi
* Webmon: keep watch of your webserver
* BluePass: extract 2FA tokens from SMS and forward them via BT

(number 3 went online yesterday)

Enjoy your from :awesome:

at @fdroidorg – second time today 🥳 9 updates and 5 new apps:

* BBC World Service Newshour Downloader: BBC podcasts
* Linwood Butterfly: a note app (dear devs, 🙏 put meaningful descriptions!!!)
* OUI Lookup and Database: find device manufacturers by MAC address
* Pushie: temporary, secure, password sharing
* Specie: Currency conversion

Enjoy your from :awesome:

at @fdroidorg again – tonight with 44 updates and 5 new apps:

* Cyrillic Transliterator: latin to cyrillic and vice versa
* Doodle: Live Wallpapers
* ShoppingList: a shopping list of course 🛍️
* SoundBored: make noises
* TTime: calculate transfer time, data quantity and bandwidth

Enjoy your from :awesome:

at @fdroidorg – I've already skipped 2 runs, index update frequency is quite amazing these days. The last 2 runs had "only" updates, the current one has 33 updates again, but also 1 new app:

* LifeHQ

No idea what that is (I had insisted on a proper app description before approving). Seems to be some "journaling" app.

Important update:

* Fedilab: the new version shall support @unifiedpush 🥳

I hope more apps will include that soon!

Enjoy your from :awesome:

Little in my repo today, with 7 updates and 3 new apps:

* Reeder: an RSS Feed reader
* RSSAid: convert websites to RSS feeds (client for RSSHub)
* Cesium: wallet for Ğ1

Enjoy your with :awesome:

at @fdroidorg again (yes, that soon – quite unexpected to me as well) with 30 updates and 2 new apps:

* Foreground: a task manager
* Simple Sudoku Game: no soccer, really 🙊 🤣

And while we're on it, freshly arrived in my repo is

* AndroTainer: a Portainer client. Manage your Docker containers from your Android device

Enjoy your from :awesome:

Another at @fdroidorg today, with 41 updates and 2 new apps:

* PeerTube Live: stream your cam live to PeerTube!
* WordBook: a dictionary for linguists

Coming today to IzzyOnDroid:

* Sotification: show today's screen-on-time in the notification area

Enjoy your with :awesome:

Hui – and a few 🌧️ drops as follow-up from my repo, before you have a chance of feeling dry:

* SensorBox: log sensor data to CSV and more
* TTime: calculate data transfer times

Enjoy your free from my repo, too :awesome:

* F-Droid: 3640 apps
* IzzyOnDroid: 759 apps
* together, they stand for almost 17% of the apps in my app listings at

🌧️ at @fdroidorg again, with 58 updates and 8 new apps:

* AnXray: proxy chain
* Bubble: bubble level
* Droid-ify: materialized F-Droid client
* monocles mail: mail client
* Notification Dictionary: look up terms
* Ojo RTSP IP Camera viewer
* Sav PDF Viewer Pro
* Gravity Force Finger: game to feel gravity effects

Enjoy your from :awesome:

OK, let me list the 🌧️ from my repo in the last 3 days: 22 updates, 5 new apps:

* Save: adds "save on disk" to your share menu
* Treble Info: check treble compatibility of your device (for GSI-Installation)
* PeerTube Live: Twitch is so yesterday… Stream to PeerTube!
* P7Zip: (de)compress using zip, rar, tar & co
* Infinity for Reddit: Betas in my repo, releases at F-Droid

Enjoy your using your favorite client :awesome:

🌧️ at F-Droid with 36 updates and 1 new app:

* PrivacyBlur: easily blur sensitive details in your photos before sharing them

Recently added to IzzyOnDroid:

* Pushie: temporary password sharing
* ModSynth: polyphone, modular synthesizer

Coming to my repo later today (next sync 6 pm UTC):

* Save: adds a "save to disk" item to your share menu

Enjoy your free with :awesome:

What a timing. After the PlayStore joke, here comes the @fdroidorg 🌧️ of the day, with 31 updates and 4 new apps:

* Keep it up: server/service monitoring
* Kotori: a simple speedmeter
* Passman: Android client for the Nextcloud Passman app
* Word of the day: learn a new word/term every day

Now dupes. Properly reviewed originals. You can check and verify for yourselves.

Enjoy your (currently 3632) from :awesome:

🇩🇪 Neuer Meilenstein: in meinem F-Droid Repo gibt es jetzt 750 :awesome: 🥳 Nummer 750 ist auch gleich ein spezieller Kandidate: HideDroid verspricht, den von Analytics-Modulen verursachten Netzwerkverkehr zu anonymisieren. Habe ich jetzt nicht ausprobiert – aber wenn es unter Euch einen Nerd gibt, der das validieren kann, sind wir sicher alle auf das Resultat gespannt!

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🇺🇸 New milestone: my F-Droid compatible repo now serves 750 :awesome: 🥳 Number 750 is a special candidate, too: HideDroid promises to anonymize network traffic from analytics modules. I haven't tried it – but if there's a geek out there to validate that claim, please let us know!

Another at @fdroidorg today, 50 updates and 7 new apps:

* FluffyChat: Matrix messenger supporting @unifiedpush 😍
* Easy Noise: simple app to play white noise
* Baby Phone: pretends to be a phone
* Hayago: minimalist go/chess clock
* Simply Translate Mobile: online translation
* sNotz: take notes
* Share to Pinboard: send URLs to Pinboard

Enjoy your from :awesome:

A little 🌧️ at @fdroidorg today, with 78 updates and 2 new apps:

* Minimalistic Price Converter: converting prices of fiat shitcoins and Bitcoin
* PyConZA 2021: program app for the PyConZA 2021 conference (South Africa)

If those don't interest you, update your index anyway to get the latest

* @CCTG version
* Element
* Netguard
* Catima
* Zapp
* and more, all just updated

Enjoy your from :awesome:

🌧️ in my repo, summing up last week's drizzle of new apps:

* Droid-ify – a client for :fdroid:
* EVNotify – remote monitor for charging your eCar 🚗
* Y2D – a Youtube downloader
* KeyManager – manage your Github SSH & GPG keys

There also have been timely updates for 37 apps in the same interval – I won't name them all as they don't fit in anyway 🤣

Enjoy your outside the G-walled garden :awesome:

🌧️ at @fdroidorg :fdroid: again, today with 59 updates and 4 new apps:

* monocles social – XMPP client
* Nextcloud Maps Geobookmarks – bookmark and look up locations
* Search to browser – forwards search intents to your default browser
* Valetudo Companion – find and connect Valetudo robot vacuums

Enjoy your from :awesome:

at @fdroidorg again, with 22 updates and 4 new apps:

* Funkwhale for Android – need to explain? 🎵
* Guerrilla Mail – anonymous/temporary mail ✉️
* Pareu de Parar-me – inform and collect information about racists police raids 👮
* Liedgutverzeichnis – which song is to be found in which book at which page 🎼

Enjoy your from :awesome:

🇺🇸 next milestone: now every 6th app from my list is available from either F-Droid or my own repo :awesome:

🇩🇪 neuer Meilenstein: jetzt ist schon jede 6. App aus meinen Listen bei F-Droid oder in meinem Repo zu haben :awesome:

F-Droid: 3.609 apps
IzzyOnDroid: 738 apps
Summa sumarum: 4k+ apps

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