Looks like we managed to get the backlog down. Today's 🌧️ at only has 1 new app:

* Xenia: a on-device Gemini proxy, so you can use any web browser to view Gemini capsules

It's accompanied by 38 updates, of which your favorite F-Droid client on your device should notify you.

Enjoy your from @fdroidorg :awesome:

What? The :rain: in my repo had more new apps than at today?

* Heartbeat: measure your heatbeat with camera & flash light
* Geometric Weather: the famous weather app finally went fully F/LOSS!

And what my repo could not beat: 52 updates, including NewPipe, Catima, Magisk, CCTG and Tutanota.

Get your from :awesome:

A little :rain: in my repo worth mentioning:

* Lucia: create random QR Codes 🤭
* AF Weather: weather widget
* Subhub: subtitle downloader
* neutriNote CE: Markdown editor & more

Happy snickering… ahem… 🙊

685 in the IzzyOnDroid Repo: apt.izzysoft.de/fdroid

Mini 🌧️ at @fdroidorg today withh 2 new and 54 updated apps. Updates include all the MAXS modules, and after a while also andOTP again. New additions are:

* Orion Viewer: a viewer for PDF & DJVU
* Simpletask Nextcloud: a ToDo-list app that syncs with your Nextcloud

Enjoy your from :awesome:

A little prophesy: tomorrow new in my repo will be HeartBeat, to measure your pulse with the devices camera + flashlight…

Yesterday I heralded the bigger @fdroidorg 🌧️ for today – and here it comes: 35 updated & 12 new apps! Enjoy:

* eSpeak: TTS system
* EinkBro: web browser optimized for eInk devices
* Acode: text/code editor
* Compass
* Deadlines: manage yours
* Decisions: weighing arguments
* aaaaa: use this keyboard if you want to complain 🤣

and more from :awesome:

A tiny little 🌧️ in my repo today:

* Taskly (manage your ToDos)
* SMS Import / Export (from/to JSON files)
* Switch My Slot (root needed: easily switch between A & B slots)

More heavy rain from probably tomorrow or the day after, so stay tuned :awesome:

🌧️ time at @fdroidorg, today 8 new and 45 updated. News include:

* Invoice Ninja (nomen est o… ⚡ oops, zapped 🙈)
* Dogecoin Wallet (wuff!)
* kubenav (manage your Kubernetes clusters)
* PxerStudio (Drawing tool) 🎨

IzzyOnDroid Repo:

* Taiga Mobile (project management)
* OctoPrint (3D-print server)
* SMS Import / Export (coming tomorrow)

As usual: enjoy your from (and from IzzyOnDroid of course!) :awesome:

After more than a week's break, finally the heavy 🌧️ shower arrived at @fdroidorg with 10 new and 132 (!!) updated apps! Newcomers include:

* TuxGuitar (multitrack tablature editor and player)
* Helio (Music sequencer)
* Podverse (podcast app)
* Stingle Photos (E2E encrypted cloud gallery app)
* Wormhole (send/receive files via magic wormhole)

Updates include Catima, Gadgetbridge, MediLog, deedum, NewPipe, and many more.

Enjoy your at :awesome:

As the last deployment at somehow got stuck, let me substitute with last weeks new additions to my repo:

* just arrived: Styx, a light-weight web browser with integrated ad blocker, global dark mode and more
* BusyBox Installer (needs root)
* Habits: track/train your habits
* To don't: inverse to do (track bad habits to get rid of them)
* Stealth: account-less client for Reddit

and more at apt.izzysoft.de/fdroid – enjoy!

In wenigen Wochen wird meine Androidenfibel 10 Jahre alt: am 21.04.2011 erschien die erste Version dieses eBooks! Pünktlich zum Jubiläum steht seit wenigen Minuten Version 69 (!!) für Euch zur Verfügung: ebooks.qumran.org/androidenfib (zusammen mit derzeit 10.421 weiteren 🇩🇪 ). Wie immer frei (CC-BY-NC-SA) & ohne Anmeldung. D.h. es kostet nix – über kleine Aufwands-Entschädigungen freue ich mich natürlich trotzdem. Links dafür im :awesome:

Happy Reading & Learning!

Today's app-rain at @fdroidorg: 8 new and 63 updated. New are e.g.

* APK Explorer & Editor (incl. Split APK/App bundle Installer)
* Badreads: book tracking & OpenLibrary look-up
* Hrm: Bluetooth heart-rate monitor
* Magisk
* Nextcloud Cookbook (another one)
* Workout Time!: manage/perform timed workouts

As usual: enjoy your from :awesome:

I regularly toot about new apps at – let me add what's new in my repo this week:

* Headi: Headache Diary (incl. migraine log)
* OpenCamera Sensors: photo/video recording w/ sensor data in sync
* Floral: photo gallery
* Wormhole William: magic wormhole (file transfer between 2 devices)
* Holey Light: emulates notification LED on Samsungs/Pixels

and of course also plenty of updates.


Today's weather: 🌧️ 13 new & 74 updated at @fdroidorg, e.g.

* DroidFS: encrypted file storage using gocrypt (compatible w/ Linux)
* Pie Launcher: a different app drawer, pie menu for your favorites
* RoadEagle: traffic infos for Poland, Lithuania and Latvia
* SelfPrivacy: easily get started self-hosting your website
* windvolt: know when to start charging your devices climate friendly

and many more. Enjoy your from :awesome:

🇺🇸 I dared putting it live: my repo browser should now be 3 times as fast (at least), less memory hungry, much better in finding your apps (full-text search), and some more. Please report if you find some issues I missed!

🇩🇪 Ich war so wahnsinnig und hab das Update soeben ausgespielt: Mein Repo-Browser sollte jetzt mindestens 3x so schnell sein, weniger Speicher fressen, bessere Suchergebnisse liefern (Volltextsuche). Etwaige Probleme bitte melden!


7+44 fresh just arrived at @fdroidorg – like

* Can I Drive: how long to wait after consuming alcohol?
* Luftlinie: navigation for birds (which direction & how far?)
* Permission Manager X: extended permission manager


* Watomatic now also let's you say Goodbye to FB Messenger

What did you say? No F-Droid app? Take your pick: android.izzysoft.de/applists/c

And then: Enjoy your apps from and its repos: android.izzysoft.de/articles/n

Yo-hoo! Today it rains a little in my repo – 4 new, 7 updated:

* ExifEraser: remove Exif metadata from images (e.g. before sharing)
* EinkBro: a web browser for E-Ink devices
* FlorisBoard Beta: for "early birds" who want help testing this genial keyboard app

Yesterday on 2 new, 67 updated:

* Coma Phone: auto-answer calls on speakers

Gadgetbridge was updated with nice features :awesome:

Enjoy your from your favorite places!

Next 🌈 at @fdroidorg, today 73 (!) updates and 6 new apps, e.g.:

* Brackey's IDE: a code editor
* Fritter: client for Nitter (and Twitter)
* Loud Bang: a WSPR Client

Updates include e.g.

* OpenFoodFacts: after a looong break finally builds again
* F-Droid Client: hopefully better Latest tab

and many, many more. As always: enjoy your from :awesome:

Today at @fdroidorg: 62 updated and 8 new apps:

* Newpipe finally updated!!!
* @CCTG has a new version!


* Automation: event-based automation
* Timer +X: pre-define timers and add them when needed (a la "alarm in 4min (tea)" or "in 20min (nap)")
* 🇩🇪 Schule: Lernübungen (Mathe, Uhr, Rechtschreibung)
* mpv remote: control mpv running on your PC

And more. As always: enjoy your (3405) at – more to come, stay tuned!

3 days ago it was 60 updates, today it's 50 updates and 11 new apps at @fdroidorg – with highlights like:

* InviZible Pro: Tor Proxy, DNSCrypt & more in 1 app!
* THOR Browser: browser with native support for IPFS
* Migraine Log: a simple log for Migraine (and its medication)
* NiceFeed: RSS Reader w/ feed search & more
* Text Launcher: distraction-free and leightweight (14k!) launcher

and more. As always: enjoy your with :awesome:

Interesting rain at @fdroidorg today with 54 updates and 10 new apps, like

* Watomatic: Finally on F-Droid! Get rid of WA and have your remaining contacts auto-replied with your new home
* Price per Unit: shopping helper. Enter price & size and see if the bigger pack is worth it
* SSTV Encoder & Robot36: one app to en- and another to decode SSTV images (like those the ISS sends)
* Snapcast: multi-room audio in sync

and more. Enjoy your (3387) at ! :awesome:

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