Another at @fdroidorg today saw 40 updates and 3 new apps:

* DEfO ECH Apps: experimental fork of F-Droid to use TLS ECH with Cloudflare 😱 as the default host 👀
* Mightier Amp: control NUX Mighty amps series
* Nedium: Read Medium articles freely without limits

Enjoy your with :awesome:

Yesterdays at @fdroidorg (@brainstorm seems still dead) with 72 updates and 5 new apps:

* e-Passport Reader: use the NFC chip to communicate with an electronic passport
* FHCode: code editor
* GPS Cockpit: Show your GPS data in a cockpit view
* MergedWiFiNLP: a backend for UnifiedNlp
* Warpclock: quick shortcut for setting an alarm 8 hours from the current time

Enjoy your with :awesome:

Missed 2 updates from @brainstorm – so apologies for the delayed report of my repo. 4 new apps were added lately:

* Andromix2: music download requester for Deemix
* Voice Mail Player: Play media files through phone's ear-piece
* sonqui: quickly share geolocation data with map links
* Colors AI: color scheme generator

Soon to come: Floccus (bookmark sync).

Enjoy your with :awesome:

TWiT just had a look at DDG's new tracking blocker. Well, we all know that more than 80% of all apps on Play come with trackers. But what we easily tend to ignore:

You don't need to *start* an app. Just having it installed is enough to have it send out its tendrils to Google, Facebook & Co. Which btw is why I no longer use Google: no PlayStore, no account (Google dropped it for inactivity years ago), no GApps…

And there comes the next at @fdroidorg – today with 37 updates and 4 new apps:

* News Provider: a simple RSS client
* Galnet Dictionary: supporting 10 languages
* Unexpected Keyboard: light-weight keyboard for devs
* Ntfy: notification service

Enjoy your with :awesome:

at @fdroidorg again, today with 69 updates and 6 new apps:

* Diconfinement: French Dictionary
* monocles translator: online translator
* Petals: weed quitting counter
* TICE: secure GPS location sharing with friends
* WD Notes: note-taking app with WebDAV sync
* Yatta: Flashcards based language learning

Enjoy your with :awesome:

Would a little 🌧️ be welcome? My repo today had 6 updates and 2 new apps:

* Ad-silence: silence ads in Accuradio & Spotify
* Atomic: periodic system on-the-go with many details and backgrounds

Ejoy your with :awesome:

Another small 🌧️ in my repo today, 7 updates and 2 new apps:

* News Provider: a simple RSS feed reader
* Whats Done: a todo-list

Enjoy your with :awesome:

Minor in my repo today with 5 updates and another good addition:

Restic: an unofficial Android client for Restic Backup

As I found Restic recommended in multiple places, I thought you might be interested in this. At its size (almost 30M per APK) I can hold a single copy only, though…

Still: Enjoy your with – as always! :awesome:

I have the honor to announce a little 🌦️ in my repo with two very special arrivals: Distributors for @unifiedpush 🥳 🎉

* NextPush: Use your Nextcloud as provider!
* UP-FCM Distributor: If you insist on Google, but the app author does not 😜

With Gotify-UP you now have 3 distributors to choose from! NextPush will hopefully arrive at @fdroidorg soon (UP-FCM obviously will not).

Enjoy your with – and your freedom & privacy with :awesome:

If an app announces itself as "the most trusted blabla" while being listed for just 2 weeks and having no more than 50 downloads, that's a joke that has my attention: I send it through @exodus (ugh, somebody else was faster!). And right: that "protector" and "safe-keeper" of children comes with Facebook Login, Firebase Analytics, and more.

No more questions, your honor. Most trusted by whom? 🤦‍♂️

– at @fdroidorg just arrived 32 Updates and 1 new app:

* Cofi - Brew Timer

At IzzyOnDroid yesterday only 3 updates and 1 new app:

* roc-droid: Roc sender and receiver

Ehnjoy your with :awesome:

Oh, @DuckDuckGo has a new tracker checker in the makes:

"A new App Tracking Protection feature in its Android app will automatically block third-party trackers across all other apps. Users will also be able to see which apps want to track them and where they’re trying to send data."

Another little at @fdroidorg with 35 updates and 3 new apps today:

* Keyoxide: decentralized cryptographic identities on the go
* AutoDND: toggle DND automatically when using specified apps
* AmSprung: Abfahrtszeiten der Wiener Linien Öffis

Enjoy your with :awesome:

Miniature in my repo with 11 updates and 2 new apps in the last 2 days:

* GPS Video Logger had to change its app ID and hence appears as new app. Migration hints in the description of the old one (and upstream of course)
* YASNAC: check your device's SafetyNet status

Enjoy your with :awesome:

in my repo today, with 8 updates and 4 new apps:

* Delta: pastel icon pack
* Apollo: CyanogenMods music player resurrected & continued
* Audio Speed Up: play audio files in background at custom speed
* 3 days ago addes was Miniflutt, a Miniflux RSS client

Meanwhile at @fdroidorg – plenty of updates 3 days in a row (32+27+13).

Enjoy your with :awesome:

A little 🌧️ in my repo today, with 5 updates and 3 new apps:

* SmartAlarm: an alarm clock where you have to scan a QR code to stop it
* Gcam Services Provider is back in two variants now: Basic (if you have the Google Photos app installed), and Photos (if you have not)

Enjoy your with :awesome:

Next minor at @fdroidorg with 22 updates and 1 new app:

Infusion Timer helps you brewing your tea. Once, or up to the n-th infusion 😃

Enjoy your with :awesome:

A minor in my repo today, with 5 updates and 2 new apps:

* Aves: a gallery & metadata explorer
* Dicio: a Voice Assistant

I hope you enjoy these little additions of :awesome:

in my repo today with 3 updates (+4 from yesterday, +8 the day before) and 2 new apps:

* AutoDND: turn on/off DND mode automatically when using specified apps
* Zerotier Fix: unofficial Zerotier client for peer-to-peer VPN

Also today, 25 updates at @fdroidorg

Enjoy your with :awesome:

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