I've just released version 2.1.0 of my little tool ( DEvice Backup And Report)


The new scripts for root-based backup/restore are NOT part of the release as I received no feedback so far (apart from Nemris who worked on this with me). Assuming this was because you didn't find them in the "devel" branch, I've now merged them to "master". Feedback would be much appreciated, so these scripts can be integrated with the backup/restore process!

Next release of is almost ready: master branch is stable and waiting for testers.

The "devel" branch has two scripts for backup/restore of apps incl. their data with "root powers" which are not yet in "master" as they have only been tested (successfully) on a single device. I'd very much appreciate feedback for those to decide whether to include them with the release!


Said scripts are "root_*" at codeberg.org/izzy/Adebar/src/b

Thanks in advance to all volunteers :awesome:

For those interested: I've just released v2.0.4


If you could fill one of the gaps in its example documentations (pages.codeberg.org/izzy/adebar) – I'd still welcome "dummy devices" with Android 2.2, 3.x, 4.3 and, if you already have it, Android 11 :awesome:

DE: Adebar v2.0.4 ist jetzt verfügbar – und ich freue mich über die Zusendung von "Dummy-Devices" der o.g. Android-Versionen zur "Lücken-Schließung" sowie ggf. für Tests :awesome:

v2.0.3 has just been released:


Generated device documentation now has more details on multi-user, device admins and standard apps.

Gerade bekam ich ein Sony Xperia X10i zugeschickt. Es war gut eingepackt, und nur 60 kb groß, Versand dauerte nur ein paar Sekunden. Ich hab es ausgepackt, und mit eine Doku dazu erstellt.

Wie das geht?


(ggf. auch für Entwickler zur Fehlersuche interessant – im Dummy-Device steckt ja mehr als in der daraus generierten Doku)

Und die Doku findet sich unter pages.codeberg.org/izzy/adebar

Eine weitere Sache, wofür sich prima eignet:

Ein Samsung Tab erhielt gerade sein Update von Android 9 auf 10. Ich konnte also ein vorher/nachher Diff der generierten Doku machen. Interesssant welche Apps entfernt (zB Qualcomm Telemetry, Qualcomm Perfdump, yay) – aber auch welche neu installiert wurden (einige davon User-Apps, die vorher explizit deinstalliert waren, wie Google Duos). Schön wenn man das so einfach verfolgen kann, gelle?


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Another thing is good for:

A "visiting" Samsung Tab just got its update from Android 9 to 10 while here. So I could make a diff of the before/after documentation. Interesting what apps they removed (e.g. Qualcomm Telemetry and Qualcomm Perfdump, yay) – but also what apps they installed (some of them user-apps explicitly uninstalled before, like Google Duos). Nice being able to keep track, right?


I just released v2.0.1


Now with separate sections for disabled and for uninstalled apps in the generated device documentation, and some minor fixes.

Ever wanted to know what apps are really installed on your device – and not just what the app drawer deemed you worthy to see? Give Adebar a try – and be prepared to be shocked when using a stock ROM 😱

Wer glaubt, vorinstallierte Apps würden nicht laufen, wenn man sie nicht startet, könnte eine Überraschung erleben: Einfach mal "adb shell dumpsys batterystats > battstats" ausführen, und die Datei von unten nach oben lesen.

Ich hatte ein Testgerät auf meinem Tisch liegen. Nur per USB verbunden, um ADB Zugriff darauf zu geben. Nix weiter. Aber: Google Photos lief für 2h+, Kontakte 3h+, Youtube 11,5h, SMS 2,5h…

Fragt man sich, was die OHNE ANWENDER treiben. Besonders YT & G Photos…

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If you think those pre-installed apps on your device would stay dormant if you'd never touch them, you're in for a surprise: run "adb shell dumpsys batterystats > battstats", open that file, read it bottom up.

I had a test device lying on my desk for a day. Just connected via USB for testing . No other use. Still: Google Photos had been running for 2h+, Contacts 3h+, Youtube 11.5h, Messenging 2.5h+, …

I wonder what they were doing WITHOUT THE USER. Especially YT and G Photos.

You have been warned!
v2.0.0 was released now:


Proven to work with Android versions from 2.1 (Eclair – yes, really, I found an old Archos tablet to try it on) up to at least 9.0, see for yourself:


If you can fill some gap (2.2 - 3.x, 10+), that would be very welcome!

Woah… 🤣: Who would have thought that could even handle an ancient Android 2.1 device? I certainly didn't! But Adebar didn't even complain! Well, not that much details extracted (it even failed parsing the package list so it looks like there are no apps installed) – but please do not expect me to fix that 🤣

So now the list of example documentation generated covers Android 2.1 to 9.0 (with a gap from 2.2 to 3.x and at 4.3):


I didn't know setting up a website could be that easy. Just created one at @codeberg using Codeberg Pages, mainly for example pages like Device Documentation created by


Just create a repo called "pages", check in static content, push – and 🎉 the pages 💫 turn up like the 🐰 out of the 🎩 – amazing!

Oh, and last warning: no feedback, and you've got to live with the results. I'll soon merge the development branch into main 😉

Before I merge the devel branch for the final release: Any feedback on the rewrite? Did you try it out? If not, I just added instructions for a "quick start" which might be interesting to you. Find the latest development version at codeberg.org/izzy/Adebar/src/b – and some (sanitized) "real device doc" at android.izzysoft.de/misc/adeba (from a Samsung device, so lots of bloat in). Let me know what you think, please – else this will just be v2.0.0 as-is 😉

Recently I told you about my planned "output rewrite" for Adebar. First version of that is now available for Testing (in the "devel" branch) – and I'd very much welcome your input! Ideally in the corresponding issue (codeberg.org/izzy/Adebar/issue).

I'm looking forward to your feedback (and boosts) – and thanks in advance!

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