Today's in my repo brings you 2 new apps (next to 4 updated apps):

* Transportr (on request by the devs as there are currently problems with the F-Droid build due to non-free dependencies)
* Smart Edge: music status under the pinhole camera

Enjoy your with and the :awesome:

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Not sure if I recall correctly, but didn't the Transportr main dev used to run his own F-Droid repo? If so, why do they need to fall back on your repo?
Just being curious...

@magnus They asked me, and I didn't check. Why didn't I? Because there's a second good reason: Almost all F-Droid users have the main repo enabled. Quite a lot of them also have my repo added. Only few add 1-app-only repos. So it's a good idea to have it in a "well-known place", wouldn't you agree? 😉

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