@IzzyOnDroid This is what amuses me about people talking about the Chinese surveillance state. The very same people are buying commercial products that do EXACTLY the same thing!

@zdl @IzzyOnDroid I don't think they're the same people. The ones buying those products are usually those who like things that "just work" and don't care who spies on them ("I've got nothing to hide"). They might even like the Chinese surveillance, as "it improves security".
However, those who care about surveillance and other technical risks aren't censored that much here. (There is that thing with whistleblowers in jail or exile...)

@zdl @IzzyOnDroid Of course, there are also those who know and don't like the surveillance, but still use such products for convenience or peer pressure (esp. WhatsApp)...

@Mort @IzzyOnDroid WhatsApp. Facebook. Instagram. TikTok. Twitter. And a whole host of others. You'd be amazed at how quickly someone can be located and very personal details extracted just by following their antisocial media feeds.

@Mort @IzzyOnDroid I have literally seen people first tweet about how horrible it must be to live here, then only a day later tweet about how much they enjoyed their Ring because it caught a "porch pirate".

It's the same people. I don't think most people realize that they're directly paying for their own personal surveillance state.

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