🙌 with 6 updated + 1 new (+) app in my repo & 50 updated + 7 new (*) at @fdroidorg:

* Flask: Purchase items from CSH's vending machines
* Markdown Widget: markdown files as widgets on the home screen
* Mobile Paper Wallet: crypto currency "paper wallet"
* Mysterium VPN: decentralized VPN
* OpenCamera Sensors: sync'd recording of video and IMU data
* VES - Image Compare: easily compare similar images


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* a Cantonese Dictionary for Everyone
+ EBT Compass: Compass & GPS App

Wow, :awesome: :awesome: – even had to split! So very much enjoy your & at, from and with – even when split over multiple toots and repos. Or especially then :awesome:

@tbss not that I know of. But always open for suggestions 😉

@Arco Maybe, but is it available at F-Droid? I doubt it, as Graphene requested to not have their apps listed in any F-Droid repo. So 🤷‍♂️

@IzzyOnDroid what license do their apps use? Can they actually enforce they not be or are they not listed out of respect? What keeps somebody from just forking the apps and having them listed?
@IzzyOnDroid @Arco why?

This rule not is free software (freedom)

But Izzy, you can change the camera application

@tbss Why should I? Again, I have a working camera app I'm satisfied with. I don't need yet-another-one. So why do you nag me to install one more? Please don't. Especially not an app that is not and probably never will be available via any F-Droid repo.

And iv you rather meant to add it to F-Droid: Nope. The devs strongly oppose (and even requested removal of all their apps), so it's not worth the trouble. Don't ask me how that goes with the license, I didn't make that choice.

@IzzyOnDroid @tbss Why then do they license their stuff under MIT when they do not want specific usages of it?

Seems like they don't really care about their own licensing and even less about FOSS...

@aliceice That question I asked already, but got no answer yet – so I'm the wrong person to direct this question to. Guess you have an idea whom to ask 😉 @tbss

@tbss the MIT license itself doesn't seem to be the cause of it not being available via F-Droid, as it allows modification, distribution, etc. So technically it could be added to repos without breaking the MIT license, seems to be more F-Droid respecting them not wanting it distributed that way. If somebody was to fork it and create a camera app based on it, I think thay could be added without issue. The only benefit of using it over any other camera app available is if you NEED a barcode scanner baked into the camera instead of using a separate app. @IzzyOnDroid
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