today with 8 updated apps at as well as 44 updated and 1 new app at @fdroidorg:

* Wire: Secure Messenger

Enjoy your & with, from and at :awesome:

@SylvieLorxu back, new… I thought I've seen it before, but it was announced as new as it wasn't part of the last index but is part of the current one – and I cross-checked the YAML which only shows a single build 🤷‍♂️ So for those who started using F-Droid a few days or weeks ago, it's new :drake_like:

@IzzyOnDroid Yeah, a bit of an edge case in Brainstorm. All builds removed -> app disappears; new build added -> app is "new" because build goes from 0 to higher.

But fair enough :)

@SylvieLorxu It's not only Brainstorm. Same happens with my own pendant (which notifies me by mail), too – for the same reason 😉 How should the two tell… 🤪

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