@didek Good eye! We're prioritizing the App Store and Play Store for now as those are the most popular, it's quite a process to submit an app to these places. We look forward to supporting F-Droid in the future!

@pixelfed well, if you already have an APK for the toy shop, and it's not too fat – don't forget that my repo lies on the way to F-Droid, so it brings you forward to that goal 😉 @didek

@IzzyOnDroid @pixelfed

Yes, I use your repo, thank you for it 😄.

But I always want and prefer for an app to be in the main repo, since it is better for the ecosystem of free apps.


@didek sure, and thanks to you as well! I was rather addressing @pixelfed that, on their way to the main repo, mine can be used as "stepping stone". Hundreds of apps already have done so. And more to come, hopefully!

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