@IzzyOnDroid I can't help but notice that the article repeats some common misunderstandings.

First, it states all apps on F-Droid are free and don't have "in-app purchases", which isn't completely true (see FairEmail for example), just true for the vast majority of apps.

It also says that F-Droid updates can be slower. However, Google Play review delays are very unpredictable and I see often enough that Google takes longer to approve a Catima update than F-Droid does to publish it.

@SylvieLorxu Indeed, I noticed that too. And don't forget the article totally ignores Gadgetbridge (it states such an app cannot exist on F-Droid).

Thanks for bringing it up in a comment. I thought about including that, but then the "mouse piano" kept me from typing it on the small screen… 🙈

@IzzyOnDroid in my humble opinion I think its a point of view: I definitely believe the f droid store will be in the near future bigger and in that case focus on new floss apps. But I think its a question about philosophy, too. In-app-purchase is a bad market. The appreciation in order to buy for an app is catastrophic, if we talk about the google play store.

I think like old DVDs in real market stores, it would be better, if there is a classic option to purchase an.. 1/2

@IzzyOnDroid patiently waiting for the original client to implement autoupdates on Android 12+

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