today with 8 updated apps in my repo, as well as 58 updated and 2 new apps at @fdroidorg:

* Everyday Tasks: manage your daily tasks
* GSAK for Locus: Add-on for Locus map to import geocaches from GSAK databases

Enjoy your & apps at, with and from :awesome:

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@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg

It would be very nice if there would be direct links to the apps on Getting information about those new apps/updates by just clicking on them, would be very comfy.

And it would be something what could be easily be automated. :)

@utopify_org Yes? Ever tried my repo browser? Lets you filter by category, updated since, etc – and supports multiple repositories, including and even its archive:

@IzzyOnDroid This is an interesting website. Thanks a lot. But I am missing something special, what I use on the F-Droid website.

If I find an interesting app (on my desktop pc), I send the link to myself (over Signal) and on my phone I just have to open the link and can choose to open it with F-Droid and it's easily installed.

On your site I could download the apk directly, which might be cool, but not very useful if you want (comfy) updates in the future.

@utopify_org Why shouldn't you receive update notifications? If you used the APK from F-Droid (which is what the APK link points to), your F-Droid client will inform you about updates. If you installed it from another repo supported by my browser, simply make sure to add that repo to your F-Droid client, and the same becomes true.

@IzzyOnDroid I didn't know that F-Droid will recognize an app, which was just installed directly via apk (without having any more information). Thanks a lot for letting me know.

But what will happen if several repos have the same app in their repos? Which repo will F-Droid take?

@utopify_org The one matching the app's signature. If multiple fit that: all of them. Whichever brings the update first, wins :awesome:

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