of the day, at @fdroidorg with 42 updated and 3 new apps:

* ArcheryStats: save archery scores
* OpenCalc: simple & beautiful calculator
* Wire: the messenger for highly secure communication

Enjoy your & at, with and from :awesome:

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@jkuester @IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg the more apps come to F-Droid the easier it'll be to give Google Play the boot

@liammcbride Which is what I try to speed up with my repo, adding some apps to the box wich "just" miss F-Droid criteria by a small margin. Both repos together are meanwhile close to 5k apps served! Enjoy :awesome:

PS: I've booted the "game shop" (play store) years ago already. Very few apps I use are not available at F-Droid as I did not yet find a suitable replacement – like Titanium Backup (but with it not updated for 3 years, well… as long as it still works 😉).

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