Anoter just happened: 7 updated apps in my repo, and 45 updated plus 4 new apps at @fdroidorg

* little music player: minimalistic media player
* Mule on Android: eDonkey2000 client
* HOPE 2022: app for the HOPE conference 2022
* Geoperion: Geological games built using web

Enjoy your & at, from & with :awesome:

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Wait, what?! ED2k is still a thing?
I thought it died ages ago due to those notorious RIAA/MPAA campaigns.
Yeah, I'm old...


@magnus 🤣 My thoughts exactly (and yes, it seems I'm "that old" as well…)

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg
Geoperion is a great geography game. 👌 Currently the quizzes are flags, capital cities and population.

@reboot46 ah, thanks! I skipped at the word "games" – but with your explanation, it qualifies for my lists as "learning aid". So I just added it here:

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