Out of my latest experience with a smartphone having a glued-in battery:

Internal storage is nice.
But if your battery dies
All that you're left with is … "shice" 💩

Put stuff on someone else's drives¹
Seems the solution that thrives.
But if that service shuts down
You're left on your own.

That's why SD card slots matter!
The bigger the cards, the better.
Save, copy, sync to them, scheduled on-time,
If your battery dies now, your data is fine!

¹ aka "cloud"

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@IzzyOnDroid for me, the ideal hybrid between cloud and a local storage is Syncthing.

Took some time to get it running the way I wanted, but it's running since a few months now and I'm very happy and donated to the creators.

You are still right of course, the lack of SD slots on devices is a sad decision in my view.

@norg Yes: that – and the glued-in non-user-replacable batteries. Something I love my @Fairphone for: I can replace most things. Got a used FP2 with a broken camera. Got a camera module from someone else, took me maybe 10min to replace. Now the battery bulges, so I bought a replacement. And so many other things I could replace if needed – instead of throwing the entire bathtube away just because the water got cold. So that's what I'm using now: a 2015 FP2 with Android 11. Runs fine :awesome:

@norg Fully agree.I was about to write the same as you, only as a poem, but my skills were not good enough for that :(

@IzzyOnDroid@mastodon.technologynixe poem. Still, it’s more likely that your SD card dies than that an apple or google cloud shuts down.

@IzzyOnDroid In the past, I've used USB-A to USB-C adapters to just pull data onto a flash drive. I assume if you really wanted to, you could also use an adapter and a SATA or M.2 drive enclosure for that too.

Or the big names could just make their devices so that they're not broken beyond repair if the mostly likely piece of hardware to fail, the battery, stops working.

@ADisorderlyFashion Yes, pulling data via USB works – as long as the device is booting up. Mine even refused to boot into recovery, and finally refused to start at all (LED just blinking red, i.e. battery dead). That was 3 days ago. I just left it without cable for a day or so, and it finally started charging again on Friday evening. So today I dared booting up (it worked \o/) and just pulled everything left there (I had planned migration for today anyway), no trust left 🙈 Had luck with that…

@IzzyOnDroid Yeah, in hindsight, the method for data recovery doesn't matter if it won't turn on.

@ADisorderlyFashion But if the data was synced to the external SD regularly, that saves your a… ehem, neck. Saved mine twice now (with 5 years in between – big head, yeah 🤣).

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