@EU_Commission You joined the Fediverse a month ago, which is great! You keep us informed about your activities – nice! Fedizens reply to your posts, want to interact with you – isn't that wonderful? But…

I searched your whole feed: not a single time did you answer questions directed at you (or did I miss something?). It seems like the Fediverse is a blackboard to you. But we are colorful! The Fedi lives from interactions. So will you start participating, not just cross-posting? We wait for you :awesome:


I think it's just cross-posting. Well, at least the official one. Maybe ministers will register here and participate.

@dukethereal @yesfreenet All of them seem to be just Twitter crossposters. If you find any reference of other accounts being mentioned, they're all from birdsite. So I wonder if there's *any* "real account" on the instance which is not just a cross-poster. Be welcome to explore their instance and find it if it's there:

I didn't spot any. They RECEIVE replies, but I couldn't find any reply being GIVEN 😢

@dukethereal @yesfreenet Maybe that's why it's called "the VOICE of the EU in the Fediverse". Now we need to find their EAR 🙊 💨

Honestly, I find that a bit disappointing. And a waste of resources. If they just wanted to cross-post, why setting up an own instance? Maybe they didn't yet understand what the Fedi is about? Who will find their EAR and tell them?

@IzzyOnDroid @dukethereal @yesfreenet Completely agree. We had to silence that instance due to it completely flooding our Federated timeline with links/crossposts. Interesting to see that there doesn't seem to be any interaction what-so-ever. (cc @swansinflight lol)

@IzzyOnDroid @dukethereal @yesfreenet

Not all of the accounts are full birdsite bridges. The accounts of @EDPS @EC_OSPO and @EC_NGI have interacted on the #Fediverse.

But you are right that this official presence could be so much more. It is therefore vital that the current pilot succeeds, and we show the value of active fedi participation.

To help with this at #SocialHub we are looking for volunteers to organize a training. See the details at:

@humanetech Yes, that's what I mean! It's great they set up their own instance. But it's time to go the next step. Sure a single person or two cannot answer all the replies they might get. But sort through them and at least answer some of them, questions raised repeatedly etc, would bring them so much better in touch with us "simple citizens" and benefit both. "Broadcast" is better suited to newspapers, TV and RSS 😉 @dukethereal @yesfreenet @EDPS @EC_OSPO @EC_NGI

@IzzyOnDroid @dukethereal @yesfreenet It's massive value to have their official accounts on an official domain. You know it's real. And it's a validation of the platform. If we want them to invest into a separate social media team to manage these accounts, we need to grow the platform further.

@Gargron @IzzyOnDroid @dukethereal @yesfreenet

To be fair, there are interactive EU accounts, @EC_OSPO does reply to toots.

The EU has factions who are really keen on the Fedi as the way forward (that's why they set up EU servers!), but other factions who think they should only use Twitter/Facebook etc.

We ought to support the pro-Fedi factions by engaging with the server's accounts constructively (including constructive criticism), and show the EU why Fedi is better than Twitter/Facebook.

@IzzyOnDroid @Gargron @dukethereal @yesfreenet

Here are the EU accounts I can see replies on:



There may also be some on some of the other PeerTube accounts but it's more difficult to check for replies there.

It's a pilot scheme so I'm guessing they would put more resources into manning the other accounts if they decide to make them permanent.

@IzzyOnDroid @Gargron @dukethereal @yesfreenet @EC_OSPO @CDT

Also, the accounts that aren't interacting would be good to follow too, simply to show there is demand for seeing announcements without having to sign up to Twitter or Facebook.

(By the way, I doubt actual Commission is allowed to give policy replies over any social media, their decisions are taken at an international level. If their social media team said something wrong, it could have severe implications.)

@IzzyOnDroid @yesfreenet @dukethereal to be fair, they are just about equally bad at replying on Twitter. Having scrolled their "tweets and replies" timeline over there it is completely void of discussion on their part. It is basically a one-way broadcast marketing/information account, both there and here.

@IzzyOnDroid @EU_Commission They have communications email addresses to which I asked much the same question, no response.

@jens Sad. Maybe someone tells them the difference between the Fedi and an RSS Feed? @EU_Commission

@IzzyOnDroid According to the disclaimer in the profile It's a Twitter crosspost bot... so nobody reads Fediverse comments.

@IzzyOnDroid @EU_Commission they're not going to reply your toot, it would be better to use twittter

@IzzyOnDroid @EU_Commission anybody know if they engage with replies over at birdsite?

@rsolva I took a look into nitter a few days ago and there seem to be people on the keyboard: they do retweet others but only EU politicians. Could not see a single interaction with any 'normal' citizens.
Disappointed me because that makes their channels just press releases (while bypassing the press). Complete fail on the opportunities that social networks provide.
@IzzyOnDroid @EU_Commission

@rsolva according to the mentions in some of their toots, it looks like. @EU_Commission

@IzzyOnDroid @EU_Commission I'm sure that most organisations see 'Social Media' as just another form of 'media'. Broadcast media.

@IzzyOnDroid @EU_Commission

When we were working to make this happen, the best we could get outa them was they would mirror their Twitter feed to the fedivers. so need more "constructive outreach for them to ) read feedback and 2) reply to feedback they are curious but VERY blocking and afraid of the #openweb

@Hamishcampbell @IzzyOnDroid @EU_Commission The thing to be aware of is that the EU is a top down organization, and its communication style will reflect that.

@bob yes, think everyone understands that, the project is to change/challenge the #EU as they are kinda open to be this change, they know they are #closed but are afraid to become #open people are working in DIFFERENT ways to make something happen here.

@bob OK, then maybe here we can start to turn that upside down? I thought we're living in a democracy – and as I understand such, "up" is made up of representatives from "down". So wouldn't it be a good idea if "up" stays in contact with "down"? We see other authorities (at least here in Germany) who manage that quite well 😉

@Hamishcampbell It's a good start, but now they're sitting on the cross-road – which is kinda dangerous. You know how such cross-posters are frowned upon on the Fedi. They must take the next step.

I guess nobody minds if their *announcements* are cross-posted as long as "the human of the account" can be seen by interactions.

My intention is not to blame @EU_Commission – but to motivate them for real participation :blobaww:

It is only a crossposter account, it is also written in the disclaimer, and yes, an RSS feed would be a better solution. That's why I don't subscribe to such accounts. And if too much is published there, I block them.

News and information from the European Commission 🇪🇺


The content on this channel is currently cross-posted from the EU Commission Twitter account.

@IzzyOnDroid @EU_Commission

@Montag I saw that, yes. Count it like a "beginners plate" at a car. Having some "driving experience", one usually removes it :awesome: @EU_Commission

@crazy_pony @IzzyOnDroid @EU_Commission
They don't say it on the instance's main page though. One has to go through all the accounts one by one to discover whether some are managed by a human.

@IzzyOnDroid @EU_Commission it's good that they keep you informed about their activities so you can protect yourself from them.

@IzzyOnDroid @EU_Commission what's the intention? Do you think the Commission can be regarded as a friend you can talk to? Better look twice at the word 'instance' and to what it truly means for humanity. The reason of its presence in he fediverse? Isn't the @EU_Commission an instance in itself?

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