at @fdroidorg with 37 updated and 3 new* apps – and in my repo with 6 updated and 3 new+ apps:

* EasySSHFS: Sshfs with ssh client and interface
* GPN 2022: GPN 2022 Schedule
* IITC-CE Mobile: map for Ingress Prime game
+ DAVx⁵ (on special request; already at @fdroidorg)
+ Owl: client for OwlBot dictionary
+ SyncPlay: synchronize media playback across devices

Enjoy your & at, with and from :awesome:

@IzzyOnDroid hi, davx5 in your repo? Why? Any Building problems?


@radasbona Have you read the announcement I made here yesterday when it was added? 😉 No build issues. Just like with FairEmail, some users got impatient and wanted "more timely updates" – so it was added on request with the OK from its developers.

No worries, all fine :blobcat:

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