And there comes the at @fdroidorg with its 59 updates and 2 new apps:

* LfDI BW: Alles zum LfDI BaWü. Willkommen bei F-Droid!
* Torrents-csv-android: search Torrents-csv (for downloads you'll need a torrent app supporting Magnet links)

Enjoy your at, from and with :awesome:


@eternaltyro a schedule for what? How often updates come? A new build cycle gets started whenever the old one completes. As there are manual steps involved at F-Droid (signing), times vary a bit – but usually it's 2..3 times a week (the automated part runs about 36h).
For my repo the schedule is: every day around 6 pm UTC, and in addition every Sunday night (for apps which rarely update).

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