Next little in my repo, today with 4 updated and 2 new apps:

* Service Browser: etect & ue Bonjour services
* Url Checker: analyze URLs before opening them

Meanwhile, 844 apps waiting for you at – enjoy your with :awesome:


Oh, at @fdroidorg as well – looks like the "broken index" has been fixed finally! 7 newcomers here since my last post:

* Immich: client for the self-hostable photo backup/library
* Aodify: Always On Display on demand
* Fall: lets your phone scream if it moves to fast
* Flash Alarm: turn on the flashlight when an alarm goes off.
* link eye: open url with your preffered app
* NightLight light: simple night light
* Velas Wallet: manage your cryptocurrency

Enjoy … :awesome:

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