at @fdroidorg today with 53 updated and 5 new apps:

* Anemo: a private local storage utility 💾
* CollinsDictionary: a client for the … Collins Dictionary 📚
* МК 61/54: emulator of the famous Electronika МК 61/54 programmable calculators 🔟
* IzzyOnDroid: oops? Me? A client for the IzzyOnDroid repo (not written by me) :android:
* WebRTCCheck: WebRTC Check for Android 🌐

Enjoy your at and with :awesome:

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg bruh the izzyondroid client is better than fdroid lmao
Ngl it works better but its ui is terrible

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg
The search on finds Anemo and CollinsDictionary, but when going to their pages (like gives me 404.

@etam As usual, the website is updated asynchronously (and search even separately). I don't know the interval (and TBH would have thought it not further apart than 6 or at max 12 hours) – so either give it a few more hours, or use my repo browser until the sync there is completed: (you can chose other repos via the first drop-down). My browser usually is fully updated when I make the "service toot" 😉

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