time in my repo again, with 5 updates and 2 new apps:

* FTPClient:are you old enough to know what that could be? 🙊 Ahem… Good things stay useful 💡
* IYPS: test the strength of your passwords (of course not a cloud service 🤣 no perms requested at all)

Enjoy your with :awesome:

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@IzzyOnDroid, "no perms requested at all"? To bad, there's a lot of missed opportunity here. They could have requested access to contacts and location, besides the network permission, of course.

/s 🤣 😂

@walter Du verwechselst doch hoffentlich nicht mein Repo mit diesem Spielzeugladen, in dem man so merkwürdige Dinge wie von Dir gerade beschrieben zuhauf findet? 🤔

@IzzyOnDroid, nein, ganz im gegenteil, Ich hab dein Repo beobachtet um mich inspirieren zu lassen — and this is the amount of german I can write before I "run out of energy" and switch back to english.

I didn't get to add your Repo, but I think it's about time. I'm quite reluctant when it comes to installing 3rd party software for which I didn't manage to build web-of-trust.

Which is why my phone is basically empty these days, and I miss "playing" with things:

@walter "I'm quite reluctant when it comes to installing 3rd party" – which is a healthy skepticism and even recommended in the instructions on the info page of my repo. Apps with my repo aren't checked that deeply as are those on While I take care to look at the "ingredients" and don't let apps with too many "offfenders" in, I rarely do on-device-tests for them.

So: keep your skeptic eye open while being welcome to use my repo 😃

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