"To help protect private app data, Android 12 changes the default behavior of the adb backup command. For apps that target Android 12 (API level 31) or higher, when a user runs the adb backup command, app data is excluded from any other system data that is exported from the device."

Protect my a** – whom do you want to protect my private data from, Goog? From me, so I can no longer backup/restore without the help of a 3rd party – like… guess-who?


@OneiricBotcelot It's already ridiculous they remove that feature. But I have no words for the reason given. Had it really been "to protect private app data", they'd enforced the use of a password/phrase the user needs to setup on-device (the way Seedvault does). Now, if devs want their users able to protect their data by making proper backups, they need to either target Android < 12 – or make the app debuggable. No need to explain the implications, right?

Think the developer that pushed this code did so after they left Google, blogged about their reasons for doing it & tooted about it in the fediverse
Their reasoning was mainly about stopping easy data slurping - think Celebrites (they use adb backup) at airports taking all your app data
eg. the recent case of an Australian software developer who was asked/made to write down his password & hand his phone over for 20 mins at customs when he got home

@dazinism That's what I meant by enforcing a passwort/passphrase. Take a look at how Seedvault implemented that. Even if I'd hand you my device and you were able to access the backups, they would be useless to you without the passphrase. That way the user retains the ability to backup & restore – but your slurpers get no enjoyable drink.

And where did you see the developer's toot? The toot was mine, quoting the official docs. @OneiricBotcelot

It was quite a long time back I saw them toot about it, read the blog & I followed them, but cant recall seeing anything from them since
Just looked through my follows quickly but couldnt spot them.
Theres also other stuff, related to backups, thats changed with SDK31, stuff related to new phone to phone transfers of app data

@dazinism Ah, so you meant another toot which I must have missed. And yes, I'm aware of the D2D move and related changes, thanks to Seedvault :awesome: That was a topic coming up with the request to "ignore opt-outs" (or at least allow to override them "at your own risk"). Discussion then was to look for the "granular backup settings" A12 would introduce. @OneiricBotcelot

This is insane. I hope custom ROMs will revert this behaviour.

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