Some good hashtags to check out on the Fediverse:

#BreadPosting - Things people have baked

#DogsOfMastodon - Pictures of good bois

#Florespondence - Plants and flowers

#SFFBookClub - Discussing sci-fi and fantasy books

#MastoArt - Artists on the Fediverse

#Introduction & #Introductions - New people on here, say hello

#NP & #NowPlaying - Music tracks currently listened to

#Caturday - Pictures of cats on Saturdays

#Sporespondence - Mushrooms and other fungi

#SmallStories & #TootFic & #SmallPoems - Fiction and poetry short enough to fit into a toot

#Mosstodon - Pictures of moss

#BandcampFriday - Interesting artists on Bandcamp

#AmReading - Anything you are reading

#AmWriting - Anything you are writing

#AskMastodon & #AskFediverse - Requesting help or info from people on the Fedi

#VendrediLecture - French language discussion of books on Fridays

#MastoRadio - Italian language discussion of music

#FediTips #MastoTips #Hashtags

Unfortunately Mastodon's default interface doesn't allow you to follow hashtags.

It would be great if this feature was added to standard Mastodon. If you agree, please give a thumbs up πŸ‘ to this issue on the Mastodon git:

NOTE: Hashtag following doesn't mean changing the way federation works. Following hashtags could be just limited to showing posts that are already visible from that instance anyway.

The idea isn't to show every tagged post everywhere on the Fedi, but just to save the user the bother of having to repeatedly search for interesting hashtags manually.

This has already been implemented on e.g. Friendica, which is part of the ActivityPub Fediverse.

#Mastodon #Hashtags #MastoDev


huh, I follow hashtags and it works? I have a timeline for hashtags that I want to follow

@selea having a timeline column showing a specific hash-tag IMHO is different from following a hash-tag (and e.g. get notifications on your mobile client or wherever). Or did I miss something here? @feditips

@IzzyOnDroid @selea

By "follow" I mean that posts with that hashtag would appear in your timeline, the way it works on Friendica.

I'm not sure what notifications you mean? Hashtags don't do anything to provoke notifications?


@feditips Sorry, I've mixed something up due to distraction (I should limit multi-tasking πŸ™ˆ ) – please ignore my previous toot on this. Of course they should only show up in the "personal timeline", when followed. Having it in a specific timeline is not bad either – always good to have a choice. @selea

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