Quarterly transparency report (Q2/2020):

Bitcoin: 15 €
SEPA: 49 €
Amazon: 34,96 €
Lawyer: -147,50 €

Same fee needs to be payed for the other lawyer as well (you remember that Copyright issue with some eBooks on my server). Hopefully that will be all then in this concern. If you want to help covering this, it's very welcome!

Thanks to all contributors!!! 😍

And a special thanks to the supporting lawyer 💪 😃


Quarterly transparency report (Q4/2021):

Amazon: 0
Bitcoin: 0
SEPA: 314,36 € 😍

Thanks to all my supporters – and especially to @Anoxinon for the "big package" 😍 🤗

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Now if that isn't a loud and clear 'Fuck you' from the FOSS community to Amazon and all the Bitcoin shills, I don't know what is!
Thank you @IzzyOnDroid for your great work! 👏
Much appreciated and all the best for 2022! 🎆

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