I have the honor to announce a little 🌦️ in my repo with two very special arrivals: Distributors for @unifiedpush πŸ₯³ πŸŽ‰

* NextPush: Use your Nextcloud as provider!
* UP-FCM Distributor: If you insist on Google, but the app author does not 😜

With Gotify-UP you now have 3 distributors to choose from! NextPush will hopefully arrive at @fdroidorg soon (UP-FCM obviously will not).

Enjoy your with – and your freedom & privacy with :awesome:

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@7daq0 Why not? Fedilab added UP support with its latest release – so if it works with one distributor, I see no reason why it should not with another. That the idea behind @unifiedpush – giving you the freedom of choice!

Does UP-Example work ? If not, is redis installed with your nextcloud server ?

I don't know it redis is installed. Just tried the nextclouds I have access to.

Will try UP-Example.


Tried. Couldn't get it to work. Thanks for your help. Will try later after I read a bit more about this.

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