Just did a fresh install of Linux Mint 20.2 and wonder where the titlebar button to bring up the menu has gone to. Does anyone know how to bring it back? I know it must be possible, as on my old machine which I upgraded over multiple versions it's still there, see screenshot. An hour of research in the web was fruitless, as was walking through all settings incl. dconf 😢 😭

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@IzzyOnDroid Woah, I've been using Linux Mint for a year and have never seen that.

@nathan_wasson Not long enough probably. I've switched to Mint from Ubuntu back when Canonical integrated Amazon with their desktop search (14.04) as that meant they don't respect my privacy sufficiently (wasn't the last time something like that happened).

Btw, as a work-around you can assign that to a mouse action (like double-click on titlebar) in Settings › Windows, which is what I've set for now.

@IzzyOnDroid Ah, yeah, I'm pretty new to Linux as my daily driver (I've used Ubuntu some on home servers in the past), so I wouldn't have seen it that far back.

Thanks for the tip.

@IzzyOnDroid Isn't that the same menu you get when right-clicking on the title bar?

@ivanhoe @IzzyOnDroid
Found it! Check the dconf path in the screenshot, it should start with "menu:...."
That should bring it back 🤞

@ivanhoe @IzzyOnDroid
Ehmm might not apply if you use Cinnamon. Easiest is I guess to search for "button" in dconf

@toxision @ivanhoe /org/cinnamon/desktop/wm/preferences/button-layout seems to be the one, says "menu:minimize,maximize,close" wich exactly matches (menu to the left, all others to the right – and setting seems to mean "<left>:<right,right,right>". Will test that this evening when continueing configuration of the new machine.

Thanks for bringing me on this path! Must have totally overlooked that when checking dconf yesterday…

@toxision @ivanhoe Thanks! Though that path doesn't exist on my old machine (I'm on Cinnamon, not Mate), the name of the key gives a clue. Found /org/cinnamon/muffin/button-layout which has 4 buttons defined, but different ones – and the description saying key is obsolete and only kept so Chromium does not crash at launch in Debian Stretch… Two more button-layouts discovered, but none reflects my settings for the titlebar :sad:

@IzzyOnDroid @ivanhoe
AHhh muffin was the name of the WM in Cinnamon. Sometimes I understand why people are saying that Linux is confusing 🤣
But it seems promising that this is the setting you were looking for 🤞
(feel free to update on your outcome if you want to 😁 )

@toxision @ivanhoe setting "/org/cinnamon/desktop/wm/preferences/button-layout" to "menu:minimize,maximize,close" indeed did the trick 🙌 Default was ":minimize,maximize,close", so I just had to add the "menu" in front of the colon. Thanks a lot!

@IzzyOnDroid @ivanhoe
Glad that it worked 👏🥳
Even as a #lmfanboy I must admit, some settings are really bumpy in #linuxmint. But perhaps it comes from it that it is still half an Ubuntu after all.

@ivanhoe Depends on your settings. When I right-click the title bar, the window expands horizontally (middle-click for vertically – and that menu is now set for double-click).

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