🌧️ at F-Droid with 36 updates and 1 new app:

* PrivacyBlur: easily blur sensitive details in your photos before sharing them

Recently added to IzzyOnDroid:

* Pushie: temporary password sharing
* ModSynth: polyphone, modular synthesizer

Coming to my repo later today (next sync 6 pm UTC):

* Save: adds a "save to disk" item to your share menu

Enjoy your free with :awesome:

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Just a question about ProtonMail app, is it maintained on Izzy by Proton people? Until now I take it from their Github, but I have to check for updates manually. Thanks!

@edosecco It's the very same APK file. My updater grabs it automatically and makes it available via my repo. You can check that yourself by verifying signatures and checksums.

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