What a timing. After the PlayStore joke, here comes the @fdroidorg 🌧️ of the day, with 31 updates and 4 new apps:

* Keep it up: server/service monitoring
* Kotori: a simple speedmeter
* Passman: Android client for the Nextcloud Passman app
* Word of the day: learn a new word/term every day

Now dupes. Properly reviewed originals. You can check and verify for yourselves.

Enjoy your (currently 3632) from :awesome:

@peterge @vishnuvk the toot I sent immediately before that one. I have a script checking the "daily Playstore recommendations", and roll my eyes each time I investigate the results. Yesterday it was a browser promising to block ads & trackers (app came with ads and trackers itself), and 14 apps with the exactly identical 4-word-description, all released by the same dev on the same day (spamming). The moment I clicked "toot", the F-Droid report came in 😆 fitting. No such things there of course.

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