Hello team @fdroidorg how long does it usually take between a new version of an app being built [1] and it being published in the repo [2]? Element.io has fixed a critical bug regarding end to end encryption and the new version seems to have been built already but it isn't in the repo yet. Are there any steps in between that I'm not aware of?

Thanks for the great work you're doing for the FLOSS community.

[1] f-droid.org/wiki/page/im.vecto
[2] f-droid.org/packages/im.vector


@technicallypossible Check the FAQ: gitlab.com/fdroid/wiki/-/wikis

Currently we (F-Droid) are prioritizing those affected Matrix apps. But manual priotizing needs more manual care. At the moment it seems like RiotX was just built – but it needs someone to push on (each package manually it seems). You can watch that yourselves: monitor.f-droid.org/builds/run (and I guess the current break is due to "dayjob calling" – remember we're all un(der)paid volunteers)

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@IzzyOnDroid thanks for the info. Looks like I didn't read the fine manual properly. I know that all the volunteers are doing the best they can. How do I become a volunteer to help with the build and release process? I guess there must be some level of trust involved so that not every random stranger can sign their malware with official F-Droid keys.

@technicallypossible Glad you ask! I'd suggest looking at the RFP and fdroiddata repositories at GitLab , start with small contributions, get familiar with the environment – and you'll "grow in".

For background, some of my articles might help: android.izzysoft.de/articles/t (especially the 2 "for developers" and "reviewers"). To dig deeper, see my 2 vids at libre.video/video-channels/fos

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