🌧️ bei @fdroidorg again. Today 41 updates and 5 new apps:

* LibreOffice 2021 Schedule
* Plutus - Investment Tracker (completely offline)
* Simply Translate – online translator
* UP-Example – example client (and tester) for UnifiedPush
* RE:INSTEAD – Interactive fiction games

Enjoy your from :awesome:

@IzzyOnDroid btw Izzy you didn't put a non feature in sharik which is thw fact that it has trackers.

@XxAlexXx What trackers do you see? The library listing doesn't show any.

@IzzyOnDroid The app itself is saying its tracking you. Check settings


@XxAlexXx Nope. I'm not using the app, but I take such hints serious. So I checked. The Tracking is **OPT-IN** – and if you say you don't want it, I'd expect the app to honor that.

BUT: It indeed warrants a NonFreeNet as it loads a lot of stuff from 3rd party servers (e.g. fonts). And it indeed makes a lot of requests to a server named ackee.mark.vin which I'd like to have explained. Will open an issue with them. Especially as it also effects the version at F-Droid.

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