Abuse of monopoly:

has apparently been paying phone manufacturers not to install third-party app stores

It seems that one of the ways Google has managed to incentivize keeping third-party app stores off Android phones is by paying manufacturers not to include them.

"Epic has since argued that Google’s practices effectively tilted the scales against other third-party stores."

There is no arguing about it, that's a fact.

@Cj @IzzyOnDroid Too bad all the EU can do about it is some fine after the fact. Maybe offer the "pick your store" screen like they made Microsoft do. But the damage is done and irreversible.

@zladuric Google has to have a "pick your browser" screen, they charge the browsers to be listed...

Blocking anything but major commercial browsers.

@zladuric @Cj
's/can/wants to/' – they could do more if that funny Irish office would do more than drinking Irish Coffee – and no, I don't know the mix and how much coffee was substituted by solvents (German speakers: "Lack gesoffen") 🙊

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