at @fdroidorg again: 85 (!) updates, 6 new:

* eduVPN: connect securely to your institution or Internet
* Ghost Commander - SMB plugin
* VolumeLockr: control and lock the volume of your device
* WeeklyBudget: minimalistic budget app
* XClipper: clipboard manager
* Offline Puzzle Solver: Sudoku a.o.

Too many updates to skim, but GhostCommander is there.

Enjoy your from :awesome:

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Neither Ghost Commander neither Dinomail, neither XClipper, none of the apps you mentionned is available... 😅

@OSM_Pontarlier Must be fake news 🤣 It clearly says 720 apps, the list is empty despite of no filters being set (it's full when I call it) – and the green brackground tells me you're not looking at the primary place which is (as shown)– but I get a full list at the secondary as well.

So, you really walked all 72 pages and didn't have enough? Funny pager, huh? 🙈

Besides, the apps mentioned were not reported for my repo, but for F-Droid's 😉

@IzzyOnDroid Even on the link provided, I couldn't find the apps you were mentionning... (Which I checked first 😂)
Note : Not a fake news, but after having searched for an application, the search field as his value removed...

But it's more understandable if it's those from F-Droid. Confusing because, you, make the announcement, but it's understandable now. Thanks ! 🙃✅

@OSM_Pontarlier You of course need to select the proper repo first:

Again, those apps are not in my repo (which is that browser's primary) but on F-Droid's. And the app's are clearly there, once you've selected the proper repo. Example:

My repo browser can be used for several repos, just use the drop-down on top to select :awesome:

@IzzyOnDroid Oh okay ! Pheew, gotcha 😂 Never paid attention to this dropdown until now 🙈

Were can I find your website code ? I have some UI improvements in mind since months... 😋

Thanks for your time ! Super interesting discovery, I'll explore all of this. 👀👌

@OSM_Pontarlier I have not yet found time to publish it all – would need a lot of cleanup to be useful to others, as it's quite intertwined with a lot of things on my site/server. Parts are available at – where you also can file issues etc. I'll continue making the source available when time permits – but currently it unfortunately does not permit…

@IzzyOnDroid Awesome ! No worries, take your time, thanks a lot ! Good luck and good evening. 🤜🤛

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