🌧️ at @fdroidorg from July 22 has 60 updates and 5 new apps:

* Crypto Prices: price watch for crypto currencies
* Did I Take My Meds?: pill reminder
* SafeDot: get alarmed when an app accessed microphone, camera or location
* Snapdrop: exchange files directly between devices
* RaumBaller: shoot 'em up game

Enjoy your from :awesome:

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg Many thanks.I always wait for latest F-Droid Info.
Re: SafeDot. I downloaded the App but first I see is a link to Google Play to buy paid pro Version. The amount is okay, but normally on F-Doid there is a warning notice if there is any advertisment.


@fredfrog610 I cannot remember that from my review, so it was probably added with an update. Please report that to the author; instead of linking to "Pro" versions at play, there should rather be a more generic "asking for donations" – e.g. linking to a web page giving options, where that Play version could be one of the options.

Btw, I wouldn't exactly count that as advertisement (but then, I didn't see it). It's rather asking to support the dev.

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