🌧️ at @fdroidorg again: 41 updates and 6 new apps today.

* Audio Recorder: yupp. That.
* Chalachithram: a quiz app
* Delist: a task/todo app
* Kinoko: Manga reader
* Nekome: another Manga app
* SMS to URL Forwarder: as the name says.

Updates a.o. hold another K-9 beta – so if you're on that track, make sure to check for it.

Enjoy your from :awesome:

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@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg "App Rain" hopefully not too much like in Germany πŸ˜…

@fossdd Nonono, we don't want Armin to come over and hold crazy speeches, please not! πŸ™ˆ

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg

Small nitpick. Nekomo is an anime and manga tracking application, not a manga reader.


Heh. I always click on the search because it has all the new applications instead of the main view which only includes games which fit a certain criteria.

@lionirdeadman 🀐 (I always use my own site's web frontend because it allows for easier filtering even by multiple criteria)

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