to our devs:

GpsIcon needs help. No idea why this useful featue was ditched with Android 4.4: a GPS indicator that blinked when looking for a signal, and switched to steady when a fix was aquired. The tiny app (<50k!) even shows how many sats were found already, and how much are used for a fix.

But with Android 10, it not longer works reliably, see – and the author has no idea how to fix that.

Anyone? Boosts welcome!


Addendum to my to devs for GpsIcon: Limizin managed to get a version done that seems to work fine on my FP2 (LOS/Android 10), but says he's got issues keeping the service alive ("android eventually unloads the application and I do not know how to prevent this"). That's an issue so generic most of you have fiddled with it certainly. Anyone to chime in?

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