Belated 🌧️ as I was AFK for several days: 2 days ago, 79 updates and 5 new apps at @fdroidorg:

* COVID Certificate & COVID Certificate Check
* Extirpater (free space eraser)
* Go To Sleep: count sheep until you're too awake to sleep (oops)
* Seeneva: smart comic book reader

Enjoy your at :awesome:

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@sadmin May I suggest to check the app's description? I don't use the app myself, so that's what I had to do, too 😉

@sadmin It does. Watch out for the term "wipe". What's called "free space" is meant to be used for new files. It doesn't necessarily mean there's no data. Normally it's just an area marked for re-use. Guess how data recovery software works. Wiping makes sure there is no date to recover. See:

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