Missed your usual :rain:? Well, it was stuck at UK customs I guess… But finally got unstuck, so at @fdroidorg 64 updates and 2 new apps became available today:

* Quillnote: Markdown notes and tgask lists
* IR Remote: well, an IR for your TV (if you have one)

Next build cycle running, so expect more to come (hopefully) soon. Enjoy your at :awesome:

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#TinyWeatherForecastGermany got updated as well!

I upgraded to target api 29, and I just realized that I forgot to check which build tools versions are supported by fdroid, but mine was the highest version supported, so basically I had luck 😅


@IzzyOnDroid Izzy, by the way. Found a new app which I thoufht you could add. Its a video trimmer.

@XxAlexXx be welcome requesting it at the issue tracker 😉 Here on Masto it might get lost as I'm not always sitting at my computer…

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