@ConnyDuck do you plan to implement UnifiedPush with Tusky? Now that there's a provider available at F-Droid (Gotify-UP), that would enable push notifications for the Google-free fraction of Tusky users (including me), and hence would be awesome :awesome:

Oh, as it also supports FCM, the other fraction could be covered the same way…

@IzzyOnDroid It would be a very cool feature. But I don't think I have time for it, so there is no plan. Gladly accepting pull requests though.


@ConnyDuck Thanks a lot! No pressure of course – whenever it's ready. Glad to read you're open to it!

So everyone who's able to: Conny said Pull Requests for @unifiedpush support are welcome at ! Anyone out there who can provide such? I'm no Android dev, so all I can do is making a for help from this great community here. Would be really awesome to have free, libre push messages in our free, libre apps!

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