:fdroid: 🌧️ today: 1 new app at @fdroidorg

* Finamp: client for Jellyfin media server

77 updated, a.o. after 4 years again BetterBatteryStats (BBS)

New in the IoD repo:

* LockUp: a Cellebrite UFED self-defense app (initiates factory-reset when it detects "extraction attempts").

Enjoy your with :awesome:

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@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg LockUp does not appear in the search on the web nor in the app. Did it get pulled from the app store already?

@adam Do you have my repo added? AFAIK it's not on "F-Droid proper" yet. Quote:

"New in the IoD repo: * LockUp"

IoD = IzzyOnDroid 😉

@IzzyOnDroid I didn't have your repo, but I do now, and it does show up as expected. Ty!

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