🇺🇸 And a new mark: 14% of the apps in my applists are now available from FOSS repos (F-Droid and/or mine) :awesome:

🇩🇪 Neue Marke erreicht: 14% der Apps in meinen App-Listen sind jetzt per F-Droid Client beziehbar (Repo von bzw. IzzyOnDroid)

Rest: Play, Aptoide, Xposed.

Count Count (Graf Zahl): "3456 apps @fdroidorg – 3-4-5-6 🤣 ⛈️ 🤣 🤪)

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@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg
My current target is just to have no apps on my phone that require Google Play Services for licensing. But I can't let go of Nova Launcher :S

@michael it's looong ago that I've used Apex (which is quite a sibling to Nova, at least when it comes to the paid versions) – so yeah, I understand your dilemma. Maybe you can find a good candidate at – when watching out for the icons of F-Droid & IzzyOnDroid? Though I don't know any coming close to Apex/Nova while still being maintained… 😢

@fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid 100% of the apps on my phone are from F-Droid:
- Signal (from twinhelix)
- Unlauncher
- Davx
- Afwall

The other apps are just the default ones from LineageOS without any GApps.
I don't see what's so urgent in my life, that I have to do it on my smartphone driving the car or walking.
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