Quarterly transparency report (Q2/2020):

Bitcoin: 15 €
SEPA: 49 €
Amazon: 34,96 €
Lawyer: -147,50 €

Same fee needs to be payed for the other lawyer as well (you remember that Copyright issue with some eBooks on my server). Hopefully that will be all then in this concern. If you want to help covering this, it's very welcome!

Thanks to all contributors!!! 😍

And a special thanks to the supporting lawyer 💪 😃

Quarterly transparency report (Q3/2020):

Bitcoin: 0 €
SEPA: 83 € (yay!)
Amazon: 30,04 €
Lawyer: -143,84

Law case closed, luckily. And almost covered, thanks to your donations! So once more a big thanks to all you :awesome: supporters – and especially to the really helpful lawyer (ring a bell if I might name you and you're not afraid of future Mastomers, ahem, Mastodon customers 😉)

Quarterly transparency report (Q4/2020):

Bitcoin: 0,80 €
SEPA: 82 €
Amazon: 48,18 €

Thank you all! That about covers server costs now. Special thanks for the standing orders!

And thanks to @fribbledom for his mastotool so I can dig out the last quarterly to reply to it (hope you didn't give up on it?)


Quarterly transparency report (Q1/2021):

Bitcoin: 0 €
SEPA: 70 €
Amazon: 64,88 €

Thanks to all donors 💚 server costs are still covered.

Speaking about servers: a dist upgrade is due soon, so there might be a short "outage" one of these days (expected within the next 2 weeks).

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