Today at @fdroidorg: 62 updated and 8 new apps:

* Newpipe finally updated!!!
* @CCTG has a new version!


* Automation: event-based automation
* Timer +X: pre-define timers and add them when needed (a la "alarm in 4min (tea)" or "in 20min (nap)")
* 🇩🇪 Schule: Lernübungen (Mathe, Uhr, Rechtschreibung)
* mpv remote: control mpv running on your PC

And more. As always: enjoy your (3405) at – more to come, stay tuned!

@fdroidorg I got some download failed messages on updated/new apps (it happens quite often)

do you know something about it?

@IzzyOnDroid on Automation it seems to be working here right now, but on OpenTracks the problem still happening

(was happenning on other apps earlier, like Nextcloud Notes and Gadgebridge, they all are normal downloading now)

@mdkcore We hear that every now and then. It's out of my area, so I'm not sure what it is and if someone is working on it; my general impression is it's mostly 1 out or 2 reasons:

* an APK was moved to archive, but your index wasn't yet updated
* it's a new APK just deployed, and (very raw guess, don't take this one as "proven") while the index was already deployed, APK sync was not yet complete

for case 1) an index-update (pull-to-refresh) should solve it, for case 2 "try later".

@IzzyOnDroid yeah, I solve it by doing both case 1 and case 2 approaches

it works at some time of the day :p

many thanks!

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