3 days ago it was 60 updates, today it's 50 updates and 11 new apps at @fdroidorg – with highlights like:

* InviZible Pro: Tor Proxy, DNSCrypt & more in 1 app!
* THOR Browser: browser with native support for IPFS
* Migraine Log: a simple log for Migraine (and its medication)
* NiceFeed: RSS Reader w/ feed search & more
* Text Launcher: distraction-free and leightweight (14k!) launcher

and more. As always: enjoy your with :awesome:

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg I miss the old version of F-Droid that listed all the new applications. You should consider adding that feature back! :)

@hund Look out for F-Droid Classic (yes, that's an app available at F-Droid) 😉

In the "official client" you can get that list by tapping the magnifier glass and then search-for-nothing plus sort-by-date. Not elegant, but works.

@IzzyOnDroid Neat. Thanks! Even the icons and screenshots works in F-Droid Classic. ;)

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