Interesting rain at @fdroidorg today with 54 updates and 10 new apps, like

* Watomatic: Finally on F-Droid! Get rid of WA and have your remaining contacts auto-replied with your new home
* Price per Unit: shopping helper. Enter price & size and see if the bigger pack is worth it
* SSTV Encoder & Robot36: one app to en- and another to decode SSTV images (like those the ISS sends)
* Snapcast: multi-room audio in sync

and more. Enjoy your (3387) at ! :awesome:

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg very very nice, but snapcast on my site is still 4 year old. Am I to early to check?

@copyrights Wait… what? Looks the Brainstorm bot had a hick-up. Indeed, the index says 2016. Will asks the bot's daddy what's going on there. Apologies!

@IzzyOnDroid no need to apologize, you and everyone in the f-droid team do a great job and I'm very thankful for that. 💪 > 🦾

@copyrights PS: Snapcast has just a single build. There was some trouble on the build server recently, and some builds were disabled and later re-enabled (to force a rebuild). Maybe Snapcast was one of those – so disabling removed it from the index, enabling it again brought it back which to the bot appeared like a new app…

For compensation: use Snapcast from my repo, where it is pretty recent (2021-02-27):

Almost new :awesome:

@IzzyOnDroid OK, you just promoted yourself from hero to super hero. Why isn't it f-droid?

@copyrights Now, that's funny. Checking the metadata, the latest Snapcast version should be there (was recently added after being dormant for quite a while). I guess that's one of those builds indeed. Let me check the git history…


Now the full explanation: Snapcast was moved to archive 2 weeks ago, as the old version no longer works. 5 days ago the new version was added, which caused the app to be unarchived. New ver is still in the build cycle, so it's not yet visible. Should come within a week then!

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