Aaaand… A warm welcome to Festplattenschnitzel. Congrats, sir knight, happy to see you as new reporter at – and even more happy to see your contributions already flowing :awesome:

That said: Time fpr part 2 of our training session. I'd propose the usual time, i.e. 6:30 pm CET/UTC+1, in our usual room at – topic: Preparing the YAML metadata (picking up where we left). Please mark the days fitting you, I announce then the choice we found:


Part 2 of our training sessions on RFP review was happening yesterday. So last night I were performing the edits and (after viewing the rendered video) just uploaded it to my FOSS channel at PeerTube. Should show up puplically in about an hour, and then be available at

Hope you find it helpful! And remember: new contributors are always welcome – YOU can help making more fine available :awesome:

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