🇺🇸 Today we had a nice training couse on how reviews of app requests are handled at F-Droid. Unfortunately, it wasn't recorded. Does anyone know about a Jitsi or BBB server where we could record our next course (to make it available via PeerTube) – ideally providing the recording functionality out-of-the-box?

🇩🇪 Unseren nächsten F-Droid "Kurs" würden wir gern für PeerTube-Veröffentlichung aufzeichnen. Kennt jemand eine Jitsi/BBB Instanz die das out-of-the-box ermöglicht?

🇺🇸 Planning to repeat the first part of this course on Sunday, probably around 6pm CET again – this time with recording for PeerTube. Just a pre-info now, will toot again with link when time is decided. Here just for you to mark if interested.

🇩🇪 Plane die erste Training-Session Sonntag gegen 18h zu wiederholen, diesmal mit Aufnahme für PeerTube. Link und genaue Zeit mit einem späteren Toot. Hier nur schonmal zum Vormerken für Interessierte.

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Sorry, will have to postpone the training session to tomorrow early evening – like the last meeting, at 6:30pm CET maybe?

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Our training session for "Reviewing packaging requests" starts in about 2 hours; I'll send the URL to the BBB room once I've created it. The session will be recorded and hopefully be made available on PeerTube soon – that URL I'll publish here as well. Looking forward to see you!

For those afraid: you can stay anonymous, do not have to say a word, and are asked to leave your camera off. Not sacrificing privacy.

🇩🇪 Da die Verständigung auf 🇺🇸 stattfindet, beschränke ich mich auch hier auf Englisch.

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Room URL for our "F-Fdroid Training Session" on "New App Reviews" will be: webconference.uibk.ac.at/b/wei

Start at 6:30pm CET (i.e. in about 45min from now). Looking forward to meet you there!

Any graphic specialists out there who could create/offer some nice SVG title(s) for the video cuts of our F-Droid training sessions for PeerTube? It should become a series of videos on F-Droid topics, so it would probably need title & subtitle. Resulting video will be in 720p (should suffice), but cannot hurt having the title screen(s) in 1080p. I'd probably need intro & extro, some CC license hint (CC BY-NC-SA most likely).

Thanks in advance (boost welcome 😉)

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I'm eager to get involved - I 'just' need to work my way into the basics of git, then I'll give it a try

@Dashtop Sorry, UTC/GMT has left the EU but I stayed. But if you don't like CET, I can make it GMT+1 next time? 🤪

(I get what you mean; at least a "universal reference" should be included, which I usually do – I get annoyed as well if it just says something like CST and I a) don't know if that means China, Cuba or Central time and b) what the offset was to calculate my TZ from it.

TL;DR: UTC/GMT+1 would be OK?

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