Any dev out there looking for a new (and probably easy) project?

I just found Nextcloud Cookbook (/com/android/quickstep) which lacks an Android counter-part. Even "View only" would be great (for the kitchen). All data is stored in files, one sub-dir per recipe, well structured JSON for data (plus image files if there are any with the recipe).

Who takes the challenge and writes a small viewer?


And yes! Mission accomplished, here it is: the Android companion for your Nextcloud Cookbook! Currently "just a viewer" – but that's 95% of what you'll need in the kitchen (and what I've asked for), right? Get it in my repo, until it will be ready for @fdroidorg

Still 🌶️ 🔥 hot, just arrived about an hour ago!

PS: Please ignore the NonFreeNet flag, it will be gone with the next update. The cat dragged something in (eh, a library had a "hidden dependency"). The app doesn't even have the INTERNET permission. To get your recipes, just use e.g. the Nextcloud app to sync.

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1. Your
2. Micmun habe developed
3. Now i am Paint the acrylic picture. Soon.



Hat auch nur fast fünf Monate gedauert 😂
Für meine Verhältnisse echt schnell (bei Programmierung in der Freizeit).

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg in which format i have to save my recipe to view it with the app? Is there any structure maybe with an example?

@canios have you seen the Nextcloud Cookbook app in the Nextcloud app "store"? That's what's needed to manage (create/edit/delete) your recipes.

It uses JSON. If you want to write your own editor, check with its sources/issues/… at its Github repo:

@IzzyOnDroid thank you. I found the NC App. Works really nice. Great work! #nextcloud #cookbook

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