If you have idle CPUs, @codeberg invites you to its team: stats.foldingathome.org/team/2

(never heard of Folding@home? See foldingathome.org/ – its software uses CPU power "left-overs". If you're on a Debian based distribution, you can install the software via my repo: apt.izzysoft.de/ubuntu/dists/g – everybody (else) can do so via their website)

Help fight diseases! (Warning: will increase your power bill 😉)


For those who wonder: stats pages are currently a bit "behind" (e.g. for team @codeberg they seem frozen at 3.7k while we've actually passed 100k already). They have issues with their stats servers – but stability of the work & collection servers as well as getting new WUs ready has preference, so a fix might take a little. Have patience 🙏 Your points are still safe and will show up, given time. Extraordinary times…

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